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Our comprehensive planning solutions help you use your wealth to live life well today, and protect your legacy in the years ahead.


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Retirement Planning


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Insurance Planning


Financial Planning


Investment Management


Charitable Giving


Retirement Planning

A happy retirement depends on one thing: The decisions you make today. Our advisors help you know that you’re setting the right goals by creating a custom plan for your needs.

In whatever stage of preparation you find yourself—whether retirement is now or still a few years away—we’ll give you the information you need to make sound decisions for your life.


The Key Consideration for Post-Retirees

One of the most important elements of planning for those who have already retired is distribution planning.
In other words, how much can you spend while still leaving enough to create a lasting legacy?

We’ll help you understand the numbers and feel good about living within them.


Investment Management

We believe that investment success is driven by research and reason. 

Proper investment management is data-driven, unemotional and goal based. Our team works with clients to determine a set of financial goals and customizes investment strategies for each client.  No two clients are the same.

To reduce risk and drive returns we focus on long-term results, diversification and active management based on data, algorithms and metrics.

We do NOT chase returns, make knee-jerk reactions based on emotions or invest in things we don’t understand.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan is instrumental in achieving success and provides a framework for all services offered. Proper financial management is behavior-based. Those who focus on values, big-picture and the long-term achieve the best results.

Your plan will include 4 things:

  1. A summary of where you are
  2. A description of what you seek to achieve
  3. The steps needed to reach those goals
  4. A process for tracking your progress and making changes if necessary

Our services are comprehensive: wealth management, education funding, retirement planning, risk management, tax-efficiency, legacy planning and insurance.

As fiduciaries, it is our responsibility to identify gaps in your plan, provide options to address concerns and make recommendations on how to safeguard your financial future.

We help you with your whole financial life—from managing assets to planning how to fund a child’s education, to advising on legacy planning, protection strategies, and creating a tax-efficient plan for your finances.

If we see a gap, we won’t turn a blind eye. We’ll make recommendations for what we think will serve you best so you can make an informed decision.

Protection Strategies

Every comprehensive plan also needs a good backup plan.
Depending on what you need to feel comfortable, we can also offer additional options to extend coverage that protects your investments and your goals.

Long-Term Care

Protection from an unexpected health diagnosis.


Protecting those closest to you when you're gone.


Protecting your daily and long-term goals when you can't work.


Charitable Giving Strategies

Part of prioritizing what’s most valuable to you may include planning to gift some of your wealth to your community, church, or other causes important to you. 

For many people, charitable giving can create lasting good that reverberates long after they’re gone. 

As part of our financial planning process, we will look for opportunities you can use to be a good steward of your money and positively impact others with what you’ve built.

As with every part of our services, each recommendation is uniquely tailored to your personal beliefs and goals.

Commited to Our Community

We talk about it with clients, and giving back is also something we prioritize within our own business.

We are proud to support organizations both in our local community and globally, and also proudly take part in the Thrivent Advisor Network’s mission to live generously.


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